NFL: AUG 07 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training Camp

Bucs G.M. Jason Licht on Tom Brady’s absence: “It’s the least of our concerns”

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As speculation runs rampant regarding the reason for Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady‘s sudden 10-day training-camp hiatus, the organization says it’s not anything to worry about.

“Of course, we were going to let him do what he needs to do,” G.M. Jason Licht told WDAE radio, via “He’s focused as ever. He’ll come back even more focused. It’s the least of our concerns.”

Licht also emphasized that the absence was pre-planned.

It sounds as if it may have been one of the express terms that were discussed when Brady ended a 40-day retirement to return to the Buccaneers. He clearly had the leverage to secure items like that. You know, a 10-day break during the preseason. A new head coach. Those kinds of things.

So, basically, to the extent that Brady is absent for “personal reasons,” the reason seems to be that he personally didn’t want to be there for the next week and a half. And the Buccaneers aren’t in any position to object.

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