Ubuntu has released a new promotional video to celebrate the arrival of the Ubuntu 22.04 point release.

And it’s pretty awesome!

It’s been a fair while since Ubuntu (or rather Canonical, I guess) commissioned an engaging promotional video to help promote their desktop OS. Heck, it didn’t even release all of the ones it had made during its peak years.

But it’s making up for lost time with an all-new animated introduction that’s shows off the core features of the OS in a zippy style, replete with impactful on-screen text cut to the rhythm of the video’s music (which reminds me of smartphone commercials for some reason).

22.04 LTS has never looked cooler

I have to say: this video is a fantastic appetiser for the OS. It focuses less on specific features and more on capabilities; showing what’s possible with the Ubuntu platform. It’s especially nice to see a particular emphasis put on gaming (which is an area Ubuntu is directing more energy at of late).

Hit play on the embed above to see the intro in action, and but sure to skip to the comments section below to let me know what you make of it!