Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.2 is called Buried Memory, out later this month

Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.2 is called Buried Memory, out later this month

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the best MMORPGs out there, and the steady stream of updates and new content is a big reason why. Next up is patch 6.2, dubbed Buried Memory.

The Final Fantasy XIV website has a breakdown of everything being added with the patch, starting with a new main scenario quest. The titular Buried Memory sees the Warrior of Light teaming up with Vrtra to search for his sister, the lost great wyrm Azdaja. Along with that quest comes an assortment of challenges, the nature of which should be quite familiar to all FF 14 players. The Abyssos raid is set in an inner circle of Pandemonium, and the Fell Court of Troia dungeon is a floating castle in the sky. Additionally, there’s a new Sil’dihn Subterrane variant dungeon and a Containment Bay S1T7 unreal trial.

For the less combat-inclined, patch 6.2 also adds the Island Sanctuary. This “island paradise” is a place for players to grow crops and let minions run free. Square Enix encourages players to create and make the island their own. You can get a look at the Island Sanctuary (and all the other aforementioned content) in the Buried Memory trailer below.

If that has you hyped, good news: it’ll be live soon. Update 6.2 arrives on August 23. The main scenario quest list will grow once again that Tuesday. Those looking to revisit older dungeons will be pleased to know that the Duty Support system is also expanding: the Aery, the Keeper of the Lake, Snowcloak, Sohm Al, and the Vault are joining the roster with the patch. Square says more additions to the system “will be progressively implemented in future patches.”

Square also uses the Buried Memory trailer to encourage newcomers to “join over 25 million adventurers worldwide.” You can browse a list of the game’s server populations if you’re not sure where you fit in. Square Enix isn’t having the best time financially, but Final Fantasy XIV continues to go strong.

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