The 4 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Out Of Love & End Their Relationships, August 15 – 21, 2022

This week look for signs that you are finally seeing what is clearly there instead of the illusion of how they could be.  

First Quarter Moon in Taurus comes in with a bang midweek to help you realize that all these ideas or even past people are no longer serving you in your future. 

Sometimes it does take a couple of chances to actually get it right, but if you only ever give an endless stream of chances then you are likely not going to see different results. 

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Know when to call it this week, even if it is scary as you ultimately know the truth about how a relationship is or is not progressing.  

There may be some tough calls this week about people that have been in your life for a significant period of time and whether or not they still should be allowed the access to you that they have had.  

Instead of just discarding this person, first, make sure you absorb the lesson to why they were kept around in the first place as you do not want to have to keep repeating patterns because of lessons that you have not been learning.  

Take the time to focus on what your needs truly are, what you need from life, and how a relationship will align with that for you. 

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Until you are in the space to truly know what it is that you want from life you will only ever be fitting yourself into spaces that you likely were never aligned with.  

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